June 10, 2009 - Focus on the California Western Advanced Mediation Program

The young women living in San Diego’s juvenile detention facilities face a number of challenges, both leading to their incarceration and following them once they are released.  The ability to avoid and manage conflict helps minimize problems during their time there and eases the transition back into society.  Many of these young women were not taught these skills in the home, leaving them with a range of inappropriate and sometimes dangerous responses to personal and organizational conflict. 

Two California Western professors saw within this challenge an opportunity to bring problem solving and mediation skills to these women at a key time in their young lives.  The Advanced Mediation program at California Western is the only one of its kind in the country sending specially trained law students into a juvenile detention facility. 

Professor Floralynn Einesman, co-founder of the Advanced Mediation program, joins host Pam Hardy for a closer look at the project.

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Date: 6/10/2009