Name:             Tilisha T. Martin, MSW
Class Year:      2002 

What is your place of employment?

County of San Diego Public Defender Office of Children’s Counsel

What is your current area of practice?

Dependency Law (Child Welfare)

Why did you choose to get involved with the alumni association board?

The Alumni Board is very supportive of the students at California Western and the legal community in San Diego.  The Alumni Board supports creative problem solving and works to develop positive working relationships between the students, alumni and the San Diego legal community.

What is something that California Western does that you are proud of?

I am proud of the hard work that California Western puts into supporting scholarship opportunities for law students to help them obtain their education.

What can alumni do to get more involved?

Support the events sponsored by the Alumni Board. 

If you could have been a jury member in any court case in history, which trial would you choose?

If I could be a jury member on any case, I would have chosen Brown vs. Board of Education (1954).