Giving to California Western

The mission of the California Western Development Department is to support the Law School through philanthropic programs that enable the institution to improve its classrooms and facilities, enrich its academic and public-interest programs, offer scholarships to deserving students, and provide an endowment for the future.  

California Western relies on the support of the community to fulfill our mission of training students as ethical, practice-ready lawyers. By giving, you inspire a culture of philanthropy that is vital to the sustainability and growth of the Law School.

Our efforts are made possible by generous contributions from donors like you. Thank you for your support.

2014 Honor Roll of Donors

This Honor Roll of Donors recognizes alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of California Western whose qualifying contributions were received during 2014. Your consistent support allows California Western to provide the kind of independent, innovative, and inspiring law school experience and training our students expect. Each of you provides the foundation upon which we can build a strong program integrating both the theory and practice of law, which prepares our graduates for the realities of a changing legal marketplace.The entire law school community thanks you for supporting the students and mission of California Western.

The following are members of the Juris Society. The Juris Society welcomes all who support the goals and principles of California Western and who wish to make a meaningful difference through philanthropic support.

The Juris Society

The Juris Society recognizes the individuals whose generous annual support maintains the core operations of the Law School and strengthens programs of central importance to our mission.


Juris Friends ($1,000 to $2,499)
American Inns of Court Louis Welsh Chapter
William M. '81 and Nancy A. Aul
Professors Thomas D. Barton and Sharon L. Foster
Charles H. '82 and Sarah C. Beale
The Honorable Larrie R. '68 and Kathleen R. Brainard '88
Professor Arthur W. Campbell
Professor Susan A. Channick '80
Han P. '74 and Meredith J. Ching
Constance L. '74 and David C. Clapp
Dwight W. '74 and Sharon L. Clark
The Diane and Elliot Feuerstein Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Pamela and Michael Duffy
Kelly Fernando
Martha A. Gafford
Mark S. '82 and Cindy Garber
The Honorable David M. and Marcia Gill
Thomas Goldstein
Geraldo and Scarrain Gomes Fund
Grantors Foundation
Kenneth L. '71 and Patricia Greenman
Herbert J. Solomon Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Gary Hunt
Imran M. and Aniqa Jaswal
J. Randall '81 and Kathleen Jones
Cy C. Kuckenbaker
Samuel S. Lionel
Roger L. and Darleen K. Long
Vice Admiral Bruce E. '87 and Karen E. MacDonald
Mary Ellen Mahoney
Chris Maxwell '75
Mitch M. '72 and Tomoe Michino
Professor Linda H. Morton and Lenny Bole
Nathaniel D. Davis Foundation
Ambassador Thomas A. '68 and Zinetta Nassif
Arthur Neill
Jeffrey R. '80 and Tseela Newport
Doctors Erica J. Pascal '06 and Michael J. Hostetler
Robert J. Pecora '81
Dennis M. Prince '93
Eberhard H. and Jessica Röhm
Charles E. '71 and Christina C. Rumbaugh
Russell F. Accornero Family Trust
David S. Sabih
Rana Sampson and Mayor Jerry Sanders
The San Diego Foundation
James E. L. and Sarah Seay
Howard Speight
Joshua B. '02 and Rahil K. Swigart '03
Professor Roberta K. Thyfault '84
Shirley K. Watkins '82 and Steve Stevens
Larry and Louise Williams
Doctor Peter A. Winograd
The Honorable Lawrence F. '77 and Patricia M. Winthrop
Michelle M. Wu '94

Juris Fellows ($2,500 to $4,999)
Michael H. '86 and Gayle M. '85 Blatt
Professor Barbara J. Cox and Peg Habetler
Douglas E. '89 and the Honorable Rita C. Federman '89
Charles R. '70 and Dawn Grebing
Higgs, Fletcher & Mack LLP
James T. Nystrom Foundation
Thomas A. Lehrer
Mark P. Mandell '77 and Dawn Rose
Associate Dean Phyllis C. Marion
Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch
Dean Niels B. and Carla Schaumann

Dean's Associates ($5,000 to $9,999)
Association of Business Trial Lawyers
Gilbert and Pamela S. Binninger
Robert M. '76 and Judith J. Dowd
Ian Edwards
Daniel L. Essig '07
H. Wayne Goodroe '74
The Honorable Judith L. '75 and John L. Haller
Jeffrey S. '68 and Johanna J. Issacs
Jackson Lewis P.C.
Judith S. Levine
Jeffrey D. '75 and Marie Lewin
The Marks Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Colette Newman
Dean Emeritus Steven R. and Lera B. Smith
Tecnológico de Monterrey
Universidad Nova Spania
The Honorable Howard B. and Joan C. Wiener

Dean's Partners ($10,000 and above)
Roy M. '74 and Diane Bell
Kenneth Fait '69
The Gilbert J. Martin Foundation
J.B. and Emily Van Nuys Charities
Steven and Lisa Pite Family Foundation

Michael J. Whitton

Leland G. Stanford Circle 


The Leland G. Stanford Circle, named after the founder of California Western, recognizes lifetime giving at the highest level, comprising a select group of individuals and couples whose lifetime giving totals $100,000 or more. 


Roy M. '74 and Diane Bell
Harold A. and Eileen Brown
Constance L. '74 and David C. Clapp
Dean E. Donald and Merle Shapiro Family Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix, Inc. 
Dean Emeritus Michael H. and Carolyn Dessent
Frederic L. '81 and Janis Gordon
Huggy Bear, Inc.
J. Randall '81 and Kathleen Jones
Howard J. '80 and Beverly S. Silldorf
Dean Emeritus Steven R. and Lera B. Smith
Universidad Catolica de Temuco
Weingart Foundation
The Honorable Howard B. and Joan C. Wiener
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Sally T. Wong-Avery
James '73 and Linda R. Ybarrondo

Juris Legatum Society


The Juris Legatum Society recognizes those who have made a planned gift to California Western School of Law. With their gift, members of the Juris Legatum Society leave behind a legacy of their generosity and commitment to California Western, making a lasting impact on the school and its students for years to come.


Marlene J. and Roger A. Gaskins
Kenneth L. '71 and Patricia Greenman
Howard J. '80 and Beverly S. Silldorf

Dwight E. and Fern Stanford

Rising Leaders Society


The Rising Leaders Society recognizes loyal alumni who have graduated within the past ten years and have made gifts to the Law School in three consecutive years. These future leaders of California Western support the Law School above and beyond the value of their gifts by inspiring a culture of giving amongst their peers. Members receive the same benefits granted to members of the Juris Society.

Michael T. Bannon '06
Nihat D. Bayramoglu '13
Craig S. Benner '12
Jennifer M. Booth '07
Miranda M. Bordson '05
Rebecca G. Church '08 
Helene C. Colin '08
Kristopher M. Cronin '05
Adam E. Davalos '08
Deborah S. Dixon '07
Irina A. Doliner '12
Albert N. Le '08 and Laralee E. Easton '08 
Farzeen F. Essa '06
Daniel L. Essig '07
Lindsay A. Herf '08
Edward J. Hughes '05
Sarah E. Jordan '12
Kevin Y. Kanooni '13
Reem S. Khalil '13
Christopher M. Lawson '05
Alan Lewenstein '05
Rachel C. Lipsky '05
Kevin E. Magennis '12
Debra B. Manduley '06
Michael Manley '10
Annamarie S. Martin '05 
Audrey A. McGinn '10
Nima Namdjou '12
Captain Kevin R. O'Neil '05
Rachel S. Opatik '06
Doctor Erica J. Pascal '06 
Ashley J. Ratliff '06
Matthew P. Reinhart '07
Alex W. Sachs '05
Carla W. Sanderson '12
Angela H. Santamaria '11
Michael A. Semanchik '10
Arthur A. Severance '06
Lucia A. Thayer '09 
Mark S.K.M. Tom '09
Jihan S. Yacoub '11
Kyle E. '06 and Eden R. Yaege '07
Patricia L. Zlaket '09

2014 3L Campaign Contributors


By contributing to the 3L Campaign, these students left a lasting mark on California Western, and a legacy of success and public service by which the Class of 2014 will be remembered.

Christina A. Alkire '14
Zagros S. Bassirian '14
Alyn B. Beauregard '14
Ryan D. Buchanan '14
Christina N. Burton '14
Allyson E. Calvird '14
Brian S. Carter '14
Erica E. Chang '14
Laura M. Coey '14
Michael E. Cosgrove '14
Gina E. Damiano '14
Marc G. Ebel '14
Jeffery T. Economides '14
Sean M. Elo '14
Felicia J. Erlich '14
Lauren E. Foley '14
Adam A. Freeman '14
Dennis P. Gallagher II '14
Corey C. Garrard '14
Julia N. Goldman '14
Camille L. Gustafson '14
Sami Haddad '14
Daniel I. Halimi '14
Brieanna R. Harb '14
Siamak S. Hefazi '14
Carina M. Jordan '14
Nathan J. Kingery '14
Mark R. Kiran '14
Harrison Le '14
Mitchell G. Miller '14
Kathleen L. Milligan '14
Nicholas P. Mouton '14
Rachael A. Neal Harrington '14
Leah A. Reeves '14
Priscilla A. Salgado '14
Christina S. Sarkiss '14
Alison K. Schlick '14
Julia D. Schneider '14
Jacob T. Spaid '14
Shannon Wicks '14
Patricia M. Wilson '14

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these lists. If you find an error or omission, please accept our apologies and report it to us by calling 619-515-1548619-515-1548.