More About Street Law San Diego

Benefits to the Community

Numerous studies have shown that students who participate in law-related education (and specifically Street Law) are more likely to stay away from gangs, finish high school, and enter college. They also become better students in their other classes and show a marked increase in testing scores and grades. They are less likely to get arrested or spend time in the juvenile justice system. Our program also goes to two schools that serve San Diego's homeless population, obviously a very at-risk group. Above all, participation in the Street Law program helps students to see the law as a positive effect in their lives and helps them become more productive members of the community.

Benefits to the Law Students

Almost all of the students who participate in the Street Law program tell me that Street Law is a great resume builder. The program is part of Street Law, Inc., a nationally recognized institution with programs (like ours) all over the country. This means that Street Law "alumni" can be found wherever students go when they look for jobs in the community or across the country. During law school, it’s a great way for students to give back to the community in a meaningful way, one that cannot be found in most other classes. It also helps law students develop communication and interpersonal skills, as they are required to distill complex legal concepts so that their high school students can understand them. It is also a great way for students to develop their public speaking skills. Finally, prior students have told me that their participation in Street Law helps them with their other classes - learning subjects through teaching them to others.

Benefits to the School/Alumni

The primary benefit to the school and to alumni is that it is another way of getting the CWSL name out into the community. We have been featured in San Diego Magazine (twice), the Daily Transcript (twice), the San Diego Union-Tribune, KPBS, and KUSI. Street Law, Inc. (the national organization) was even mentioned by Chief Justice John Roberts during his confirmation hearings to the United States Supreme Court. Another benefit, as stated above, is that alumni who participate in the Street Law program find that their participation looks great on their resume. We work with outside resource people such as local attorneys, representatives from social service programs, and judges from the local courts, so it's a great way for the school and students to connect to the local legal community.

The Need for Assistance

The Street Law San Diego program was created and funded out of a grant from the San Diego Revitalization Project (SDRP) in 2005. SDRP was extremely generous in helping Street Law San Diego off of the ground and in helping us to maintain the high level of excellence that we have achieved in the first years of the program. Unfortunately, however, SDRP’s grant period ended last year and the program is not receiving funding from any other sources. This means that without your assistance, we may be unable to continue offering the Street Law San Diego program past this fall term and our doors may be closed.